About us


It has Head Office at Surat, Gujarat.

It has Head Office at Surat. Projects are undertaken throughout India. Here you will find sound infrastructure with modern equipments defining need based solutions. Raiwoha has work-culture of high quality products and valued services.

Raiwoha from day one, has adopted togetherness of technology, commerce and art. It did so by introducing high quality solutions and matching technical support across canvas. Each solution is engineered to make you more happy than you already are.


2010 with a commitment to water harvesting.

Raiwoha understands needs of clients pertaining to daily water requirements, rainfall pattern, aquifer characteristics and other similar parameters. Site specific water harvesting structures have been designed and recommended to avail maximum benefits. Solution on hand looks in to justification of total requirements, less maintenance and recycling of water body.

Raiwoha addresses water issues through people from diverse background in India. Committed in developing and undertaking water harvesting projects.


Lead the arena of efficient society with need based hydro technology of water body and creat nature loved demand-supply environment in specific.


Raiwoha with a systemic process; aims that user are studied, dialogued and served to enhance their efficiency to utilize water in manner that meets supply from nature and individual aspirations.